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HALPS Foundation Project Video

This video was produced by Aqua Survey, Inc. TM and shared with the Hudson Athens Lighthouse Preservation Society for sharing the information about this technology and revealing the complexity and necessity of the Hudson Athens Lighthouse Foundation Renovation Project. It dramatically reveals what we cannot see under the surface of the Hudson River. 4 ½ mins

Life on a Lighthouse

Tales of the River, the Lighthouse and the dedicated volunteers who saved it from bureaucratic oblivion thirty-five years ago. How they have kept the winter holiday lights glowing every year since for the joy of the citizens of Hudson and Athens, New York even after the permanent loss of shore power. Its historical and educational role. And now the renewed call to rescue it from the overpowering forces of our mighty Hudson River. Produced by Aqua Survey, Inc. TM 9 ½ mins.

The Hudson-Athens Lighthouse Preservation Society

In 1950 the US Coast Guard automated the Hudson-Athens Lighthouse which no longer required personal being on site 24/7 In 1980 a group of local citizens on both sides of the river organized to save the structure and its history. The USCG is still responsible for maintaining the light in the lantern room. The Hudson-Athens Lighthouse Preservation Society was formed and became a 501c(3) organization known as HALPS and continues to this day in 2021. It conducts public tours, school tours for area children, and rental opportunities for citizens. HALPS also puts much effort in saving and persevering the building. This half hour video gives one a sense where this effort is today and what challenges lie ahead.

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